MP for Sissala East, Hon. Amidu Chinnia (Left), Suara Bakuri Tahiru, NPP Chairman for Sissala East(right)

The New Patriotic Party’s Sissala East Constituency Chairman has issued a press statement on the 1st of July 2022 in response to a Joy news documentary accusing Their Member of Parliament of Parliament, Mr. Issahaku Chinnia of Acting in Conflict of Interest by Awarding a contract to his family Member’s company, Batowiise Company in Sissala East.


We the NPP in the Sissala East constituency are appalled and totally against the wrongful tagging and deliberate distortions of the character and personality of our MP who also doubles as the Deputy Minister of Sanitation and Water Resources, Hon. Amidu Chinnia Issahaku, as being corrupt and in a position of conflict of interest by influencing the award of a contract for the construction of the Tumu Town Road and also the non-payment of outstanding PFJ fertilizer debt owed the Ministry of Food and Agriculture by Messrs Batuowisii Company limited.

We in NPP being a party vigorously against corruption and also having a president being a strong anti-corruption campaigner will be the last to stand and defend corrupt acts or actions perceived to involve conflicts of interest. That said, we will also not sit down, fold our arms and watch a very innocent man maligned and destroyed based on lies and perhaps hatred for him.

We find it difficult to understand why JoyNews despite establishing and knowing the directors of the company still want to tag and attach the name of our MP to their documentary. What prevented them from contacting the directors of the company since they know them and were able to establish their full biography? Why should JoyNews and their collaborators tag him to their documentary despite the MP telling them several times that he is not the owner, shareholder or beneficiary of the company?

We find it unfathomable why JoyNews and Multi media refused to talk about the two other road contracts in Tumu Town which were awarded in 2017 and 2018 and no significant work is done there. These two roads were awarded far earlier and needed urgent attention. The roads also from Tumu passing through Sakai to Wellembelle were also awarded in 2015 and it is still as it was. The road from Tumu passing through Bakwala to Pieng was also awarded in 2017 and there are still no changes there. These among many others are roads projects in the Sissala East that need crucial attention but JoyNews ignored all of these and rather concentrated on a very recent road project which unlike the others, the contractor has done some level of work.

In fact, with regards Sissala East Roads projects, the honourable MP needs to be commended a lot for showing enough commitment in lobbying for good roads for the constituency. In less than two years in office, progress is already made in fixing the road from Tumu passing through Challu to Bugubelle. Two contractors have already been to site and some work has been done already on that stretch of road. The road from Bugubelle to Jijen is also being worked on. These are a few among many roads the MP is working to have fixed.

As regards the letter from the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, isn’t it baffling the letter was written to the Regional Minister and not to the MP? If the MP is truly owing the ministry, why was the letter not written to him? If he is truly the owner of the company why wasn’t he addressed directly and why should the NPP Upper West Regional Chairman be copied? Is the NPP Upper West Regional Chairman part of the government? All these questions are to tell you the letter was not truthful and fair to the MP in its contents and everything.

As for Salifu Issifu Kanton of the Community Development Alliance (Ghana) and whatever he said in the documentary has nothing whatsoever to do with advocacy for development. He is a die in the wool politician always opposed to the political ambitions of the Hon. Amidu Chinnia Issahaku and the NPP. Issifu Salifu Kanton in an audio recording in 2020 vowed to do everything possible to bring Hon. Chinnia down for his brother to be the MP. He trumpeted this same allegations and went from radio station to radio station, community to community, campaigning vigorously for his brother who was the then PNC parliamentary candidate and now a member of the NDC, but the good people of the Sissala East constituency saw through the lies and the politics and rejected both him and the brother and had Hon. Amidu Chinnia Issahaku elected as the MP of the Sissala East constituency. He is still in the pains of the defeat and he is doing everything possible in his power to ensure that he brings down Hon. Chinnia and have his brother elected.

Finally, we wish to express our strong disappointment on the JoyNews team and their collaborators for describing the historic Tumu Town as a “small village”. A busy and boisterous border town once the district capital of a former president and home to several Ministers of State from the Nkrumah era to date cannot be described as a “small village”. It is very insulting to us as Sissala people and we demand an unqualified apology from them.

We will conclude by thanking all Sissala people across the political divide for their unflinching show of support and solidarity for Hon. Amidu Chinnia Issahaku against the lies and denigration of his name, personality and character. The reaction and outright condemnation of the JoyNews team and their collaborators on social media and in the Tumu township and surrounding communities is a clear indication that the Sissala East people and the Sissala people in general stands with the truth and will always resist and fight against all those who have evil intentions against the Sissala East constituency and the Sissala people. Thank you.

Mr. Suara Bakuri Tahiru,
Constituency chairman, New Patriotic Party,
Sissala East constituency.


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