Pentecost Church Drills Borehole

The Church of Pentecost, with its unwavering commitment to humanity and proving its commitment to achieving the sustainable development goals(SDGs) of a society with clean water and sanitation, has drilled and handed over a borehole to the people of Diglafuro, under the Zongo extension, a suburb of Tumu. The Commissioning was done on Friday, 21st of July 2023.


The Municipal Chief Executive of Sissala East, Hon. Fuseini Yakubu Batong, acknowledges the efforts made by the church to provide quality water to the community and urges the people to regularly maintain the borehole to make it last longer for the continuous use by residents of the area.

The MCE also seizes the opportunity to extend a heart of gratitude to the church for the support and collaboration it offers to the Assembly and the Sissala community. He recognized that “the church had, sometime back, constructed a Police post for the people of Nahadakui and other projects across the municipality; we are very grateful for your intervention”.

Assemblyman for the area, Mr. Osman Shaibu, revealed that the construction of the borehole was a result of a move made by the resident to him lobby through the Assembly for a borehole. He told the media that “I advise my people to back me so we can write to the Pentecostal church for assistance” He added that “we wrote the letter and submitted it to the church; we were promised that by June we would get a borehole”.

The assemblyman appreciated the intervention of them. Mr. Shaibu said, “I want to say, on behalf of my people, thank you very much. This borehole has come to relieve us of a long-suffering to access water for our domestic use. We will forever be grateful”.

Speaking to the community members, they expressed their satisfaction with the Church of Pentecost. They told Sissalaradio News, “We are very excited. We used to walk a long distance away from our home to fetch, but now it’s a bit closer to our house. We thank the Pentecost Church.” Another resident told us, “While we are happy with the commissioning of the borehole, we are equally faced with a mirage of problems like insecurity, and we are urging the police to, at least in their usual patrol, visit this area.

Source: Sissala Radio

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