Basket Ball Courts in Tumu are in a Bad State

Basketball has always been one of the the games that brought joy to the pupils of Kanton Senior High school.

Between 2008-2011 Sakende Muniru, popularly known as Jordan had led the school to so much successes during the second cycle games in Upper West.

Today when I visited the only existing basketball court at Tumu Kanton Senior high school, its state was just disheartening to see.

The only other existing basketball court which has long depleted is at the Tumu College of Education.

What next for the lovers of Basketball in the municipal? should it be a forgotten sport?.

Today we have two P.E teachers at Kansec, two at Tumu Sec-Tech and two at Tumu College of Education and the Municipal P.E Coordinator.

This professionals, together with their bosses must strive hard to revive the sports for the sake of the young upcoming students.

By Zakaria Jaasu Abdul-Baari

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