Jiah Jiatuo has Allegedly Siphoned Assembly Funds of Sissala East

The Auditor-General has indicted the Tumu Urban Council in the Upper West region for failing to recover GH¢30,336.00 from its revenue collector.

Jiah Borsu Jiatus is said to have collected revenue of GH¢40,056.00 but accounted for only GH¢9,720.00 to the Assembly leaving an amount of GH¢30,336.00 unaccounted for.

The development, according to the 2018 Auditor-General’s report, can be blamed on lack of supervision on the part of finance officers.
The Auditor-General has, therefore, charged the Tumu Urban Council to ensure that Mr Jiatus refunds the full amount to the Assembly.

“We advised the Coordinating Director and the Finance Officer to take all the necessary steps to ensure that the revenue collector, Mr Jiatus, refunds the full amount of GH¢30,336.00 to the Assembly,” the report said.

Unaccounted revenue continued to occur in the operations of the Assemblies as Collectors and Assembly personnel who failed to account for their collections were not punished or efforts made to recover the amounts from them or their guarantors.
This comprised GH¢1,069,788.61 collections not accounted for at 30 Assemblies and value books with a face value of GH¢95,850.00 also not accounted for at eight Assemblies.

The Auditor-General “recommended recovery of the amounts from the revenue collectors or from Assembly personnel whose negligence permitted the irregularity.”

Source:| Adomonline.com | Adwoa Gyasiwaa Agyerko

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