A road contractor working in the Sissala east district Fuzak will from Saturday 1st July 2017 be on site to begin work on the Kassana Bridge as assurance was given that the machines to be used will arrive on 30th June 2017.

The Member of Parliament Hon. Ridwan Abass Dauda and the DCE hon. Karim Nanyua together with the contractor toured the site this afternoon to assess the Kassana Bridge for work to begin.

This is an initiative from the Member of Parliament who lobbied from the ministry of Road and high ways for refilling of the bridge with gravel and reshaping of some parts of the road. Hon. Abass Ridwan Dauda said money doesn’t do everything, so therefore the contractor will offer services from instructions by the ministry except for 3 drums of fuel that would be provided by the assembly for the purpose of the work.

The MP recounted that farmers, teachers and other road users do get stranded whiles using the road; some farmers could not transport farm inputs due to the nature of the bridge and stated that when the work is done by a weeks’ time it will ease difficulties that farmers and the over thousand inhabitants go through.

The two were witnessed when some teachers were returning from school and have to push their vehicles and motocycle through running waters to cross over.

The DCE Hon. Karim assured affected communities the bridge will soon be fixed and therefore they should exercise patience a bit.

You will recall  last year how heavy rains suspected to be coming from Burkina  Faso spilled and overflown streams and bridges washed away sides of the concrete bridge linking Kassana Tanvielli enclave of the Sissala east district,this will bring a sigh of relief to farmers in the corridor as the place plays host to over hundred of maize farmers.

By David Luri/Tumu/Upperwestmedia.net

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