Cleaning Exercise in Tumu

Miss Rashida Yakubu Kantong, a youth activist in Tumu, has led some youth to undertake a clean-up exercise in the Tumu township.

Under the name “Nikaana Wora Movement”, Miss Yakubu said the areas covered in the clean-up exercise included the Tumu Community Centre, the Tumu lorry station, and the main gutters of the principal street of the Municipality.

She told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in Tumu after the exercise that the objective of the exercise was to touch every corner of the town and rid it of filth after the rains got the gutters choked.

Miss Yakubu observed that “not many people came out, but my community members folded their arms and watched us fail but it’s not a failure, I walk with my head high”, she said.

She urged the residents not to be self-centered and individualistic when it comes to issues concerning sanitation as the inaction of one could affect all of them.

Miss Rashida Yakubu Kantong is a 25-year-old final-year student at the St. Joseph Midwifery Training College in Jirapa.

Source: GNA

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