Recreated Ambulance in Sissala East

Accessibility to quality health care in many rural areas in Ghana is still the preserve of the well – to- do in society.

Despite the little interventions by successive Governments and significant interventions Non-Governmental organisations in an attempt to bring quality health to the door step of every one especially those living in hard- to- reach areas yet, the canker still rares its ugly head.

Notable among the key challenges bedeviling the accessibility of quality health among rural dwellers or communities is the absence or non availability of befitting means of transporting the sick persons from community health centres to the nearest referral health facility especially the pregnant women who probably develop health complications in an attempt to put to birth.

Against this backdrop, two very creative and innovative artisans with brought together to transform a tricycle into an improvised ambulance to enable some-what comfortable way of Transporting sick persons especially expectant mothers to Tumu Municipal hospital as the nearest referral centre.

A test- run was carried out and results convincing and hence the need to produce these improvised ambulances to communities with health centres and especially very distanced ones in the Sissala East Municipal of the Upper West Region of Ghana.

The two artisans, Mr. Sufyan Mockson and Mr. Ambra Zuberu have being doing great innovations geared towards solving societal issues which hardly get the attention of duty bearers.

Mr. Sufyan Mockson manufacture things like crop thrashers, tractor trailers, delivery beds, seed sowing machines, and many more. No wonder he was taken to about 7 African Countries by an organisation to teach other local artisans on his works.

How well is the government willing to help people like these to do more to society?

How many financial institutions are willing to give financial support to people like these?

Does their own Municipal and District assemblies recognise their efforts? What support have they offered them?

Can’t arrangements be made for experts like these to share their knowledge with the nearest technical Senior High school students offering welding and fabrication?


By: Ayamga Bawa Fatawu

The Village Photojournalist

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