Chiefs in a Meeting

Why do we pour out in our numbers for social gatherings like funerals,weddings at the expense of development meetings, a member of the council state Kuoro Richard Babini Kanton has observed in a meeting of his kinsfolk in Tumu .
This is on the back of a Sissala union which commenced what it calls’ first of a series of meeting of paramount chiefs,present and past municipal and districts chief executives, including past members of parliament of the Sissala area which took place at the Sissala East Municipal assembly conference hall on Monday 27th January 2020 meant to foster unity among the people in Tumu
The president of the Sissala union Dr Roger Kanton in a welcome address said the platform offers opportunities for unification towards the development of Sissala area considering the current challenges confronting the area with regards to chieftaincy, education, agriculture and the health and the socio-ececonomic wellbeing of Sissala residents citing the bad road network as one serious challenge robbing the people of development.
A member of the council of state and the Tumu kuoro ,kuoro Richard Babini Kanton bemoaned the habit of his kinsmen’s lukewarm attitude to meeting meant to discuss and initiate developments as disappointong.
“Even organising families meetings suffers same as Sissala union meeting keeps collapsing after a short period of time in Accra.When I became a chief, I went to organize a meeting in Techiman after I heard many of our kinsfolk reside there,attendance was overwhelming but my next attempt in Kintampo failed” .
“.Recounting his experience further, the President of the upper west house of chiefs noted that “we are a difficult people who don’t turn up when meetings are called but whenever there is a funeral, wedding or an outdooring ,you will see everyone there in their numbers,”This habit is not good for us ,as a people, he expeessed.
The Council of state member also appealed to the various assemblies “to forget about party affiliations and the usual saying, you have not supported us”and include experiences technocrats leaving outside the area to be appointed into the assemblies as government appointees saying”include our brothers and sisters leaving in kumasi ,Takoradi so they can share their experiences with you and this is my food for taught for you MCE”,the Tumu kuoro appealed .
The paramount Chief of the Gandawii traditional area kuoro Deiwia Nankpa Osman lll urged chiefs to refrain from dabbling in active politics by sitting with politicians to know their interest so they can assist and offer counsel to them.Kuoro Deiwia said ‘this can be achieved by opening their doors to all politicians and pursuing their interest with central government .
Other Sissala chiefs present and their representatives included the Gwollu kuoro, Welembelle and the Funsi kuoro. Former Chief executives present were Mr Robert Baka,Mr Dudima,Mr Salifu Waah,Mr Salifu Naliwie.The rest were Mr Salia Mwangu,Mr Maada Ishmael as well as the Municipal chief executive Mr Karim Nanyua.

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