Kara Cherime Festival Observed in Gwollu

The District Chief Executive for Sissala West District, Hon. Batong Hor has Observed Kara Cherime Festival with People of Gbwollu, she used the Opportunity to Condemn the previous attacks on a party’s Constituency Nasara Coordinator by name Iddrisu Walaika.


Today(07/05/22), I delightedly joined the Chiefs and people of Gwollu Traditional Area to celebrate the 2022 Kara Cherime (Festival) under the theme: Environmental care and Sustainability, the role of traditional festivals.

Kara Cherime is an annual festival instituted to commemorate the bravery of the forebears of Gwollu traditional area and the protective role of the famous Gwollu defense wall during the sad days of transatlantic slave trade.

In delivering my speech, I first and famous used the opportunity to condemn the recent unfortunate happenings in the District which brought nothing but humiliation to the Sissala people. I, however, encouraged all parents to reconsider their roles in parenting since parents are primary mentors of their children. Great parents = great children /youth.
Also, I gave an update on key ongoing developmental projects and programmes in the district. Development is a collective responsibility and chiefs are key stakeholders.

All in all, the festival was colourful in nature and superbly showcased the rich culture of the people of Gwollu Traditional Area. This calls for its yearly celebration to preserve and promote the culture of the people for the current and future generations.

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