Sissala West District

As part of the core mandate of her office, the District Chief Executive (DCE) of Sissala West District Assembly, Honourable Aisha Batong Hor, paid official visits to some communities (Puzene, Tiiwi & Nyivil) in the district on the 23rd day of January, 2023.

According to the DCE, the community visitation provides the appropriate platform for her to have face-to-face interactions with members of the communities about their developmental needs.

During the engagements, the DCE ably outlined the development visions of the Sissala West District Assembly, but with specific reference to the communities visited, as captured in the assembly’s 2023 composite budget.

She assured the good people of Puzene, Tiwii, and Nyivil communities and for that matter the good people of Sissala West District, of her readiness to uplift their socioeconomic well-being as she timeously rolls out the programmes and projects in the 2023 budget.

As part of the community visitation, the DCE supplied street lamps, footballs, and jerseys to, respectively, improve the security of the communities during night times as well as facilitate youth development through sports.

Honourable Aisha Batong Hor also inspected some dry-season onion farms in Puzene, and Tiiwi. The dry season onion farming is a subsidiary scheme under the Women Livelihood Empowerment Project (WoLEP) initiated in 2022 by the Honourable DCE to economically empower women against poverty in the Sissala West District.

The DCE indicated that other facets of WoLEP such as; shea butter production, and footwear production all meant for the empowerment of women in the Sissala West District would be rolled out in due course.

The DCE was joined by the Presiding Member of the Assembly (Hon Nyamawero Navei), and the Assemblyman for Tiwii Electoral Area (Hon Ibrahim Sakulo). Attached are scenes of the DCE’s engagements with members of the communities visited.

Source: Gwollu FM

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