Forestry Commission in Sissala West

The Forestry Commission has moved inn to take proactive steps in order to reduce the rate at which shea trees are cut down and Converted into charcoal in the area. Over 500 Shea trees are cut down in the Sissala Area and Converted into Charcoal in a space of 6 months.

The Development has affected humidity climate in the area grievously, affecting rainfall patterns as well.

There has also been proposals to makea lucrative Businesses skills available for the youth and elders in Sissala West to avert the unfortunate environmental hazard.

Statement from Gwollu FM in Sissala West District.



Gwollu FM 91.7mhz published a ruinous story on economic trees felling for charcoal purposes including Dawadawa and Shea on the 9th of December, 2022 from the Sissala enclave.

The Ghana Forestry Commission expressed disappointment on the chief and people of the Kunkorku community for unwillingness to assist in the investigation process and possible arrest after they stormed the crime scene after the publication.

This disaster is suspected to be committed by occupants of Kunkorku and Gwollu considering the location and land mark of the crime.

The commission said “No one is owing up to the farm, So there will be constant patrolling till someone is arrested. The Chief is made aware but seems not willing to cooperate”

A situation all must be worried about!!

Thank you Forestry Commission, Tumu for the quick response to this devastating situation.

Sissala’s are our killers finito!!!

Source: Gwollu FM/Sissala West District

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