One of upper west’s most celebrated journalists, Mr Alexis Anzagira has publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with what he termed as being bias of upper west media houses lately, he said the media was supposed to engineer a positive mark on society but what is being done lately has kept a question mark on the credibility and essence of most of the media houses in upper west, he added that selfishness and love for money has diverted their missions and visions. he wrote this on his Facebook wall “Are we our own enemies? the media is usually considered the fourth arm of government because of the critical role it plays in ensuring accountability and promoting development . It’s also a fact that poverty is high in the upper West region yet the same media deceives their own poor people to give their limited financial resources to fake ritualists simply because such ritualists have the money to pay for air time. Why? It’s even supprising that govt is using huge resources of Ghana to fight galamsey yet radio stations will host fake ritualists and asked them how they can help people who are into galamsey. So are you promoting galamsey or what? Please let us be serious as a people? We owe our people truth not deception we can’t be robbing our own people. Stop the nana this nana that because from my point of view it doesn’t make sense. Remember that when our own people especially our mothers, gathers,grandfathers etc, hear our voices on air supporting such fake,they are convinced that it’s the gospel truth. PLEASE STOP THE DECEPTION NOW”
Anzagira is a teacher by profession and has the passion for media excellence, he also works with radio progress in Wa Municipal.


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