Mr. Sankara Ankaara has Declared his Intention to Contest in NPP’s Parliamentary Primaries

A Radio Personality and Staff of Ghana TVET Service has declared his intention to contest in NPPs Parliamentary Primaries of the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba Constituency.

Mr. Sankara Ankara made the declaration on Tuesday 11th April 2023 to Upper West Media Team.


As we are all aware, the politics of today have taken a different dimension and shape from the politics of yesteryears, which were characterized by glibly speaking, rhetorics, falsehood, and outright deceit of the people.

The politics of today, although it may sound naive, must be seen as a duty call to serve and not to be served. It, therefore, requires leaders with Credibility, Integrity, and competencies, who talk less and act more to achieve set goals and the desired results. Those who aspire to lead must be able to connect with the realities of the people. The leader must be selfless and always be prepared to go the extra mile in the supreme interest of the people.

Hon. Ankaara Sankara fits into this category of contemporary political leaders who is prepared to walk the talk. He’s a unifier, the true voice of the people, the peer of the Youth, and believes in service to humanity with all humility.

In light of the above, and, in broader consultation with family members, and stakeholders in the politico-socio-economic development of the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District/Constituency, who have seen the need for rapid transformation in the development of the area, I, Hon. Ankaara Sankara, have decided to offer myself to serve in the capacity of a Member of Parliament (MP) on the ticket of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), when the time is due. I am getting myself ready to go through the process of the Party’s Parliamentary Primaries selection contest in due time; and, I am hopeful that I can count on the massive endorsement of the Constituency Officers, at all levels, of our great Party, which cherishes “Development In Freedom”.


I know that together, we can make it.

Long live STK

Long live NPP

Long live Savannah Region

Long live our homeland, Ghana

I thank you and may the Almighty God bless us all.


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