Moments after the awards event, Shatta Wale
tweeted “some ghanaians are too popular in america not africa lol”.
But addressing to the said tweet in an interview
on Starr FM, the Go Higher singer reacted;
“I’m an artist who concertartes on my arts and
I do my best to keep going to entertain the
people who appreciate me and appreciate my work.
“Shatta Wale has the right to his Twitter and to
write whatever he wants to write.I haven’t seen
that but if I had which you said is Some
Ghanaian acts are more in America than
Africa, It still makes sense. I dont get hurt from that because I believe it takes effort to move
from one place to the other.
“I was so close at the MAMAs, I was there, I
was nominated, and at the end of the day I
know what happened. I dont think it was
directed at me but as Ghanaians we need to support our own and push it.
“We shouldn’t be looking at the mockery side
because from experience I think we have to
work hard to be known outside Ghana.” YFMGhana.comSTONED

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