Students of Wa secondary technical are facing a disciplinary committee today for demonstrating against their school’s cadet boys who physically assaulted one of the students for scaling a wall out of the school premises. spotted 12 students coming out of the WA police station after they were asked to write statements pertaining to what happened on Wednesday night exactly a week ago.

A student (name withheld) was mercilessly beaten and dragged into the school yard by the cadet eyewitnesses said, he was taken to the hospital Wednesday night  12th July 2017 after he complained of heartpains, he was accused of lies at the hospital and was later discharged back to school. Some students said the cadet is being sidelined in the case whilst they the innocent students are being reigned before a committee that is not willing to hear them out.

we visited the headmaster’s office and asked a few questions about the incident,

he wasn’t willing to give information and later asked the students not to confide in the media. one of the teachers taking up the issue at the WA police station is Mr.  Iddrisu Mohammed,  a teacher of Social Studies. The students who are over 40 are scared they may get suspended for a crime they know nothing of.

A committee has been set up to investigate the issue.

The students admitted they demonstrated against the School’s cadet.

Credit: Tuorimuo Elvis Philip/

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