The Incident Occurred in Sissala East

Two out of 40 traders and farmers attacked today between Prata and Kwapun by suspected robbers have been rescued and admitted into the emergency unit of the Tumu hospital.

It follows a distressed call from the community which got the military detachment and the Police who moved in to support and brought the injured to the hospital.Eyewitness say the assailants fled after attacking them.
The victims, a male, Asimiri Kabore Dao and 52 year old mother of three Afia Abulai was returning from her sesame farm when she was caught alongside Asmiru who had gone to sell at sell sesame. And was returning.

Asimiru had cutlass and gunshot wounds on his head,hand and the foot whilst the bullets got his chin and the head whilst Mdam Afia was beaten with the gun ,the two spoke to RADFORDFM during a visit at the Tumu hospital Monday night.

Farming of sesame among farmers along the Ghana/ Burkinafaso border belt in the Sissala East and West has become a booming crop sought after by many.
Sesame is one of the oldest crops known to mankind. The tiny seed, first used in the Middle East in 2000BC, also commands a billion-dollar export revenue for Africa. China used to be the world’s biggest exporter of sesame, but now the country’s farming habits have changed – and Africa is filling the void. The continent’s production of sesame seeds is rocketing, with some countries experiencing up to 20% growth.
Research on sesame says ‘Sesame is used in various forms, the most common being toppings on burger buns and bakery products. Many traditional Asian dishes have sesame as an important ingredient, while sesame oil is used as a garnish in various eastern dishes and for frying Japanese dishes such as tempura. It also has the highest oil content among all oil seeds.

‘Selling 100 kg of sesame seeds can buy 7 maxi bags of maize, sorghum, or rice – foods that diversify local diets. Smallholder farmers cannot readily harvest these foods off 1 acre without spending a lot on fertiliser, herbicide, and insecticide—which also can have direct impacts on health’.
The reporter is yet to get the version of the security personnel whom the victims were happy with for supporting them.

By: Radford FM

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