I’m ready to relinquish chairmanship position for amerger – Bernard Mornah

Chairman of the People’s NationalConvention (PNC), Bernard Mornahsays he is ready to give up hischairmanship position for thegreater unification of the Nkrumahistparties.According to him, the amalgamationof smaller parties has worked incountries like Zambia, Kenya, andrecently the Gambia, hence the needfor smaller parties in Ghana toprovide a united front to end thedominance of NDC and NPP.                                                                                                   There is an ongoing discussion withthe Progressive Peoples Party(PPP), Convention Peoples Party(CPP) and the People’s NationalConvention Party (PNC) to mergeinto a single, stronger third forcepolitical party in Ghana’s politics.Several reports about the merger ofthe Nkrumahist parties over theyears have failed. The CPP and PNCfor instance failed to merge in therun-up to the 2016 General Election.                                                                                                          Speaking to Henry Agbai on theGold Power Drive, Mr. BernardMornah attributed the inability of thesmaller parties to merge over theyears to the “egos” of the leaders ofthe parties.“It is about the personality whoshould lead the party and whoshould not and I think we have todeal with that if we want to cometogether. I think we are seriousabout mobilizing like-minded peopleso that we have a united front,” heimplored.He assured: “I will do everythingpossible to support includingrelinquishing my chairmanshipposition to get the merger come toreality.”

Alban Bagbin is a Liar, Braggart – Bernard Mornah

Addressing populace at Jang in the Nadowli-Kaleo District, The parliamentary candidate of PNC who doubles as the National chairman Mr. Bernard Mornah spoke of problems facing the district which includes insufficient support for the youth to build up their talent in interested areas which could boost their income such as sports, music and agriculture.
He said people see music to be a profession not lucrative and therefore hasn’t the necessary support it needs, he made mention of the incumbent member of parliament, Hon. Alban Bagbin not giving them the support they need after they constantly vote for him, he also said his competitor, Hon. Bagbin now a liar and a braggart who doesn’t listen and focus on the needs of people in the district.
Bernard Mornah urged the people of Jang to vote for him to bring change to them.

Credit: Upperwestmedia.net

Mornah, Atik given 2 weeks to resign as PNC executives

Some supporters of the People’s National Convention (PNC), besieged the party’s headquarters earlier on Tuesday, demanding the immediate removal of their National Chairman, Bernard Mornah, and the General Secretary, Atik Mohammed.

PNC protests

According to the irate supporters, the leadership of these two executives has contributed to the dwindling fortunes of the PNC.

They have accused them of supporting and speaking for the two major political parties; the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) and opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP).

A former PNC parliamentary aspirant for Ayawaso North, Mohammed Abdulai Gyanlo, who led the protest, handed a two-week ultimatum to the two executives to step down.

Speaking to Citi News, he said, “we are where we are because of that greed. They personally came to power in order to amass wealth for themselves which some of us saw clearly and we decided to go against them.”

Mr. Gyanlo thus demanded the Bernard Mornah and Atik Mohammed resign, saying, “we are giving them an ultimatum of two weeks after which there will be a positive action. We are asking them to resign now for us to see the way forward.”

Atik responds

Atik Mohammed has however downplayed the credibility of the protesters, alleging that the protesters were largely alien to the PNC, thus the protest was not a reflection of the party supporters’ sentiments towards the leadership of the party.

Speaking to Citi News in response to the protests, Mr. Mohammed said the allegations are being championed by individuals who want to see the downfall of the present leadership.

“We came with some mechanisms which they find highly uncomfortable, but those mechanisms are meant to change the fortunes of the people,” the party General Secretary said.

“So somebody went somewhere, I am told somewhere around Nima, and found these individuals to write these placards and say all kinds of things.”

Mr. Mohammed also suggested that, all true supporters of the party were standing by their Flagbearer, Dr. Edward Mahama in court, as he fights his disqualification from the presidential race on Tuesday morning.

“Today [Tuesday] in court, these very individuals who claimed that we were solely responsible did not appear. If they loved our candidate that much, if they loved our party that much and they actually wanted our participation in this year’s election, they should have been in court.”

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