[Evidence] Shatta Wale Exposed: Captain Mahama was ‘Never’ his School Mate – Ghanaguyz

Soon after the brutal lynching of Captain Maxwell Mahama in Denkyira-Boase, several people have come out claiming to relate with the deceased in one way or the other, Dancehall act Shatta Wale has not been an exception as he came out boldly to refer to the late Mahama as his school mate. He even released a tribute song to him.

Music Duo, Ghanaguyz have come out with reasons to call Shatta Wale a liar and trying to gain recognition. “We love Shatta Wale but we hate his lies, he is just trying to gain recognition, the guy in that picture he claims to be Maxwell Mahama is not Maxwell Mahama, He is called Qelvin Prince Possy And Attended Mawuli Secondary School In Ho You Can Check him out even on Facebook.

Image Of The Guy Below:

He is even a Journalist, Shatta Wale should try to be a good role Model and not a liar” They said.

Ghanaguyz have released hit songs including Yawa Girl, Dance To The Beat, Real love Never Dies, Son Of God etc.

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Source: Upperwestmedia.net

“Soccerbet and Safaribet” Doing Upper West More ‘Good Than Harm’ – LowBal

One Of the leading hip pop artistes in Upper west has kicked against negative reactions of the public on the recently introduced “Soccerbet” And “Safaribet” in the region that has got the youth very busy in it.

Many say it is time consuming and others say because it is a form of lottery it drains money and is not right, Islamic religious personalities also say it is forbidden by the Qur’an and that people should desist from it if they want to make heaven.

LowBal Said ” well, we all know it is lottery but once their action doesn’t affect others I don’t see it being offensive, even politicians  play lottery although they are role models to be emulated but that hasn’t brought Ghana Down, Some of These young guys playing these games used to be idling on the streets flirting and chasing after girls others also went around stealing but I think with this game introduced as a medium of income most of these have stopped, why don’t we acknowledge the positive aspect as well, it overweighs the negative”

LowBal is a member of Ghanaguyz music group and has featured in several song including Started From The Buttom By D13.

Credit: Upperwestmedia.net

Ghanaguyz – Taking TV License Is Nonsense If….

GhanaguyzTV license is something the parliament has just imposed on Ghanaians ,how is it going to affect celebrities and TV views in general? Or you think its okay?
“Well ,the Parliament is there purposely because of us so if they are implementing any license law or policy ,who am I to disagree but then what are the educative programs and shows we as citizens and non citizens will be benefiting from and come to think of it why license all of a sudden in this wild economy? With a devalued currency ,I think they should work on their economic crisis first before insisting for license,they want to squeeze every penny off Ghanaians,Why?”
So Are You By This Saying it’s waste of Time And Resources?
“Yes! It is actually a waste of time and resources,meanwhile what are they doing with the government they benefit from? They post so many adverts and pastors preaching and yet claim no money,that’s nonsense…”
Source: Upper West Media.