UW: Aside TV Station, Another Media Option that Can be Introduced

Wa, Upper West Region

The Upper West Region since it was carved out of Upper Region in 1984 had only Radio Upper West, a Public Radio Station controlled by the Government of Ghana.

Radio Upper West is per law permitted to have the widest coverage in the Upper West Region.

Afterwards, Radio Progress was introduced by the Catholic Church in 1997 it was the second radio station in the Regional Capital before Bugli Radio at Tampaali Pani was also Introduced, Radio Fritz, Sungmaali FM and WFM came afterwards.

Radio Waa, Puopeli FM and Radio Mak were also Introduced before Home Radio was established.
Recently, Tunsung Radio has also been introduced. Plans are in place to Introduce 2 more radio stations in Wa and 1 more in Jirapa.

In other Districts and Municipalities, we have Nandom FM which, Von FM and in Lawra we have Lawra FM, West Link FM, we also have Gwollu FM in Sissala West and Radford FM in Sissala East. Tumpaani FM in Nadowli and Gangaa FM in Jirapa.

Radio Stations in the Region have created employment for several youth and have served as a medium for projecting community issues and development stories.

Aside Radio Stations as source of Information, there has been demands for a TV station to be established in the Region, plans are being put in place by some entrepeneurs to Introduce a TV station but the requirements are what some have no idea about.

Aside a TV Station, there is another medium of media communication we have not directed our minds towards, this medium is newspapers, a news paper is a printed set of information that contains texts and graphics including adverts for the purpose of informing and revealing information. We have several graphic companies in the capital Accra, can such be replicated in the Upper West Region? Sure it can be, we can have news paper media houses such as ‘The Upper West Gate’, ‘Upper West Hour’, Upper West Cover’ et al.

Meanwhile the Bridge News paper was an idea being spearheaded by Ismael Journah Gh and Bamie Tahir Ahmed but the development is on hold Currently.

Districts Without a Radio Station Include:
1. Daffiama-Bussie-Issa
2.Wa West
3. Wa East

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

UW: How to Get People to Pay Money they Owe You

Wa Municipal

Getting your money back from people who borrow it has  become ‘hell’ partly due to the state of the economy and the attitude of people based on how they were brought up.

Some people give you an attitude when its time to pay your money back because of how they got the money from you.

If you want people to pay back your money when they borrow it,  the first thing to do is to give it to them through a means you can recall or record,  such means are through mobile money transaction,  some people refuse to pay because they know you have no evidence to take them on but once they know there is a record,  they will develop fear in them because you can use the printed statement of the transaction to take them on.

To add to that,  ensure the process is communicated via reliable sources such as whatsapp in order to have the records to refer to when the need to take them on arises.

Furthermore,  ensure the process of request is recorded if the individual involved calls you on phone,  keep the recording and agreements in it recorded voice just incase the person decides not to pay and tries to misbehave or proves defensive. Forward it to the nearest Police Station and attach the voice or snapshots as evidence.

Lastly,  make sure you have lots of loan company contacts on your phone,  institutions that give quick or instant loans,  when such a development arises,  give the contacts of those firms to such people to go for the loan,  if they refuse or give excuses,  be sure that they want to use you to get money,  they won’t pay back. Some people will turn down the suggestion to get loans from institution because of their intentions,  which is that,  they don’t want to pay.

Having enough evidence of a transaction or an agreement puts you on point and gets you closer to getting your money or resources back. Demanding for your money back or using the right approach in getting it is not bad or can not be tagged evil,  if it is tagged evil then be careful with the circle of friends you have around you,  they are dishonest,  get new friends after taking action.

In a related development,  technical workers who are called upon to work and are owed for the first day should not continue the work if it should be completed in subsequent days. Money for the previous work done should be taken first.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

UW: It’s Sad How much DJs are Booked – DJ Nice Reveals

DJ Nice

A Popular DJ within the Wa Municipality has revealed how much most DJs are paid for shows adding that others even do the work free of charge for fame.

He continued that some DJs have the perception that game players do not invest in their profession. King Kpegla Continued that Artistes are payed Ghc300 maximum per contract.

“Looking at the Industry we don’t demand for any big amount, considering the fact that we are a growing industry, to add to that if you charge, some won’t pay, we have a minimum amount some pay but some DJs can’t do it with the fear that we those who have branded ourselves well will be the only people that will have opportununities in that regard, we are fortunate we have branded ourselves well, myself (DJ Nice), DJ Cupid, Pirate. We ask for money and they pay. Some DJ as scared to charge for shows, Branding comes in different forms, some use dressing and work for fame whilst people like us we focus on the work to make the name”.

DJ Nice has kicked against the idea that DJs should focus of investing.

He emphasised on the fact that DJs have challenges purchasing gadgets, he added that controllers such as Numac pro 2 costs not less than Ghc2,000 he added that One cannot use dual core laptop systems in DJ works, one has to use core I² or Core I3 and above.

DJ Nice was reacting to DJ Tobile’s suggestion that Artistes should invest in their career.

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UW: Tumu-Lawra-Han Road Project Awarded to 5 Contractors

Roads Minister, Mr. Amoako Attah

The Tumu-Lawra-Han road According to the Regional Coordinating Council Has been awarded to 5 Contractors within the Upper West Region.

This was revealed by the Upper West Regional Minister, Dr. Hafiz Bin Salih in an Interview with Sayidou Bhomanjo at Radio Upper West on 18th of July 2022.

The Minister Indicated that the Whole Contract was Awarded to Greenhouse, a road construction company which was delaying with the road project, as a result, the Regional Coordinating Council in collaboration with the Road Ministry took a decision to award the contract in bits to several contractors in order for the project to be completed within the expected time frame.
The Contractors Include Greenhouse, PW Ghanem, Asthal, Mawuns and Marepoma.

The Minister Indicated that PW Ghanem Popularly called Wadea in Wa has been issued 25km of the Contract whilst, Aschal(Currently working on Wa & Bulenga Road, Tumu to Jeffisi)was issued 10km of the Contract, Mawuns(Contractor of Dafiama Road) was issued 15km, whilst Marepoma was allocated 20Km of the Contract, Greenhouse which is a Chinese Company was issued 15km. The 5 Contractors have signed a contract of agreement According to the Upper West Regional Coordinating Council.

It was expected that on the 8th of June 2022, All Contractors should have been present at site for work to commence but two out of 5 Contractors were present, According to The Regional Minister, he invited the contractors to his office on a dialogue and after the dialogue, he gave them a timeline which is limited till the end of July to begin the project, he indictated that all the support they needed to start work was made available. The road Project is expected to be completed in 24 months.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

Serekpere Lightning: He Didn’t Buy Stolen Cooking Pots – Zambarima Group

Tricycle of Zambarima Man Killed by Lightning

A section of Zambarima people Within Wa-Kpaguri have advocated against talks in town suggesting their late brother by name Mustapha traded in stolen iron cooking pots.

Mustapha and three others from Serekpere were struck dead by lightning at serekpere on the 13th of July 2022 after a short rainfall.

Lightning Kills 4 at Serekpere

According to the relatives of deceased Mustapha, he produces cooking pots and buys basins in exchange for old and depleted metals in Communities, they added that their brother carried the cooking pots with basins from Wa to Serekpere, he didn’t buy stolen ones, they added that the deceased three from Serekpere rather brought metals in exchange of the pots their brother Mustapha owns.

Mustapha used a Tricycle with Registration Number M-21-4256-21 to Serekpere to trade in metals but lost his life in the Process.

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Source: Upperwestmedia.net

Wa: Sachet Water Price Drops

Sachet Water in Wa

Price of Sachet Water has dropped significantly in the last pricing window within the month of July.

Per reports gathered from some distributors, prices were ranging between Ghc5 and Ghc6 per a bag which contains 30 Pieces.

3 pieces were sold at Ghc1 in several shops in Wa, checks at Kambali as at 8pm on 13th July 2022 proved 4 sachets were being sold at Ghc1 away from the previous 3 initially Sold at Ghc1.

A bag of Zam Zam sachet water has been reduced to Ghc4, checks from Dayel water company also proves a bag goes from Ghc4.

Sachet Water Prices shot up in July 2021 to Ghc3, it went further up in December 2021 to Ghc4.50 and also to Ghc5 in April 2022.

Several agitations came up and as a result some Businesses were issued letters cautioning them to sell at Ghc5 to avoid closure. The Chairman of Sachet Water Producers, Alhaji Toyiba Mahama later issued a statement Explaining that he never directed any taskforce to increase prices, he added that some group of people had forged his signature on their personal interest.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

UW: 5 Attitudinal Features of Nabiiri/Men Born of Royalty You May Not Know

File Photo of Royal Dressing

A Nabie in the Upper West Region is an individual with a royal lineage, such group of people are mostly settlers and can move from place to place in groups.

A nabie can be identified by certain characteristics they portray within an environment, it’s sometimes taught by their leaders and in other situations, followers learn such traits and emulate them when their leaders or elders practice them.

Several people within the Upper West Region are nabihi or Nabiiri in Dagaari based on ratio, 8:11 can be justaposed, 7 for number of Nabiiri, 3 for Tendamba and 1 for others seeking to be neutral.

These are some of the Characters Most Nabiihi Portray.

Firstly, Nabiihi prefer to be noticed first and greeted, once a nabie gets around a place they expect you to greet them first or draw their attention, this makes them feel on top of issues, whether a rich or an impoverished nabie, he or she expects that regard.

Secondly, Nabie Never let’s things go, once you offend them, they keep reminding themselves or try hard to in a way pay back, some times they use people to achieve that target if they know they can’t directly take action.
Most Nabihi naturally are unforgiving.

Thirdly, Most Nabihi hate it when others are Moving higher than them, it makes them feel less of royalty or in control, they may likely do what is possible to limit that achievement in order not to be looked down upon in the midst of such successful people. In a nutshell ”A Proud heart can survive a general failure because such a failure won’t prick it’s pride”.

Fourthly, Nabiihi naturally, hardly do away with Tradition, even if they belong to other religions, they prefer to attach their Traditional practice because they believe the traditional section is what gives them power and strength.

Lastly, Nabiihi Believe in Polygamy, it will be very difficult to influence a nabie into monogamy, they may out of respect agree but in the end most are likely to keep another woman elsewhere to satisfy their believe and interest, Nabiihi Believe polygamy defines a royal soul.

Filed by: Tuorimuo Elvis Philip

UWR: Lawyer Charles Lwanga pulls out of Council of State representative’s race

Lawyer Charles Lwanga Puozuing

The Upper West Regional Secretary of the National Democratic Congress, Lawyer Charles Lwanga Puozuing has pulled out on his quest to contest in the upcoming Council of State elections.

Sources close to the NDC Regional Secretary has it that, he took the decision after consultations with the hierarchy of the party both at the Regional and National levels.

The source also disclosed that his withdrawal from the election is a mindful strategy meant to brighten the fortunes of persons who filed their nominations from the NDC fraternity.

The decision of the intrepid Lawyer to stay out of the election leaves the number of nominees at six.

According to the Upper West Regional Director of the Electoral Commission, Ali Osman, after the close of nominations, seven persons including Lawyer Charles Lwanga Puozuing had filed their nominations in contention for a slot to represent the region at the Council of State.

The candidates are Kuoro Barecheh Nlowie Baninye II, the Divisional Chief of Niator, Bayon Godfrey Tangu, a former Member of Parliament for Wa East (MP), and Paschal Baylon Dere, a former District Chief Executive (DCE) for Lawra.

Others are the now-backed out Lawyer Charles Lwanga Puozuing, the Upper West Regional Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), and Naa Prof. Daniel Anleu-mwine Bagah, a Lecturer at the Simon Diedong Dombo University of Business and Integrated Development Studies (SDD-UBIDS).

The rest are Naa Emmanuel K. Mwinila-Yuori, the Chief of Gbankor and Mr Abubakari Sadik Mohaisen.

Two delegates from each of the eleven Districts in the Upper West Region will form a 22-member Electoral College to elect one person among the six candidates to represent the region at the Council of State.

The Council of State elections is set to come off on Friday, February 12, 2021 barring any unforeseen circumstances.

The Council of State in Ghana is a small body of prominent citizens, analogous to the Council of Elders in the traditional political system, which advises the President on national issues.

The Council of State was established by Articles 89 to 92 of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana: “There shall be a Council of State to counsel the President in the performance of his functions.


The Council of State should include a former Chief Justice of Ghana, a former Chief of the Defence Staff and a former Inspector General of Police and the President of the National House of Chiefs.

Each region of Ghana also has an elected representative. The President of Ghana also appoints eleven members. Members stay in office until the term of office of the president ends.

U/W/R: Gory accident at Kampaha, two died

Crashed Vehicle

A gory accident at Kampaha, a suburb community in the Wa Municipality of the Upper West Region has claimed the lives of two persons, with many more injured.

The tragic incident reportedly occurred along the Wa – Bulenga road on Friday, January 01, 2021 at around 8:00 PM.

The horrific accident which involved a mini van, a Nissan caravan by make, was carrying passengers on board from Wa to Bulenga, reportedly, veered off the road and rammed into a bridge.

Information gathered by upperwestmedia.net indicates that the mini van was travelling from Wa and heading towards Bulenga, and upon reaching a junction, a car from the adjoining route appeared on the middle of the road and in an attempt to avoid bumping into the later, the mini van swerved off and the driver lost control of the vehicle, crashing into the bridge.

Accident Victims

Two persons lost their lives while many other persons sustained various degrees of injury. One person, a female died on the spot. A second person, a male died the following day while on admission at hospital.

The passengers who sustained injuries, including the driver were conveyed to the Wa Municipal psychiatric hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, information gathered has it that one of the accident victims, a boy who sustained considerable damages on the head, has been referred to the Korle-bu Teaching Hospital for further diagnoses and treatment.

The Upper West Regional Police command has since visited the scene to ascertain the level of damages caused and the appropriate steps to take in order to address road accidents on that stretch of the road.

Over 5000 HIV cases recorded in Upper West Region

A total of 5051 persons is confirmed to be infected with HIV virus in the Upper West region.

2453 of the number are on treatment in various health facilities in the region whilst 63 of them died of the disease as at December last year.

Yakubu Dramani, Upper West Regional Technical Coordinator for the Ghana Aids Commission revealed this at a stakeholders’ meeting in the regional capital, Wa.

The meeting was to share the outcome of Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART) site visits embarked upon by the Regional Social Accountability Monitoring Committee in 2016.

He said the figures were obtained from the records of all the ART sites in the region.

The regional technical coordinator said despite several interventions to curb the spread of HIV/AIDS, the stigma against persons living with the virus still continue to be a bane, making some infected persons shy away from treatment.

This and many other challenges have pushed the Upper West region to move from the second lowest in 2015 per the 2016 HIV sentinel survey results to tie with Western regions as the 5thmost HIV-infected region in the country with 2.5% prevalence rate.

Mr. Dramani opined that 261 persons who were diagnosed with the virus “are lost to follow-ups” and “this is worrying because we cannot guarantee the kind of lifestyles they are living”.

He appealed to stakeholders in the region to double their efforts in other to nip the practice in the bud. “We cannot win as a team if we allow these clients to continue to be stigmatised against. This is the time to wage war against stigma if we want to ever have HIV-free generation”.

Section 28-38 of the Ghana AIDS Commission Act 938 states in no ambiguous terms that no person should be discriminated against because of his/her HIV status.

But Mr.Mohammed Osman, Upper West regional president of persons living with HIV/AIDS disclosed that many people are abused on the blind side of the law because they are tested positive for the virus.

“People keep pointing fingers at us. Some of us are discriminated against at workplaces. Just recently a lady was sacked because her boss said she liked taking drugs”. He appealed to the law enforcement agencies to help curb the practice.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sebastian Ziem, a deputy chief investigator at the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice has admonished victims of any form of human rights abuses to report promptly to the Commission for redress.

He said as part of measures put in place to swiftly address such cases in the country, his outfit has launched an e-platform to fast-track complaints to the commission.

Credit: Citifmonline