The Executive Director of the African Center for Security and Counter-terrorism is urging Ghanaians to take pictures of police officers caught in the act of taking bribe.

Speaking on Newsweek on 3FM, Sunday, November 26, Emmanuel Kotin said that by this, the public will have empirical evidence to get corrupt police officers prosecuted.

“If you see a policeman committing a crime or taking bribe, which is a crime, you can confront such a policeman. You can take pictures [of the scene] … we are in a technological world,” he said.

Mr. Emmanuel Kotin said it is about time sanity prevailed in the administration of the Ghana Police Service.

He recounted how he once confronted some police officers he caught taking bribe on the N1, in the Greater Accra region.

“The police were at the checkpoint [on the N1] taking bribe so I parked [my car] by the roadside and I observed. I saw this unlicensed car at the police checkpoint of which the police were interrogating its driver.

“I asked why the driver of the unlicensed vehicle should be driving at about 10pm. Then, when I approached the checkpoint, I saw the police taking money from the driver.”

Mr. Kotin said that his confrontation with the police saw them arresting him. He said that he was subsequently taken to the Odorkor Police Station.

“When we got to the Odorkor Police Station, this incident happened over six months ago, they tried to bangle me into cells. It was there I resisted and made calls. Then when they got to know who I am, they started begging [me],” he said.

Mr. Kotin said he is bent on getting the policemen he confronted to be punished

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