A new gold mines premeditated to be established in Tanina in the upper west region has sparked misunderstanding between people of Tanina and Porlee. The people of Tanina are against the idea of the site being there whiles the people of Porlee are fully in support, this has created misunderstanding between both communities, due to this the youth of porlee were alleged to have invited one of the strong men in upper west known as “Baakabe” meaning “no dog” to come and bully people of Tanina in order to scare them to accept the proposal which did happen but then after that people of Tanina made a report to the police about threats they have received from baakabe, but then the people of Tanina had already placed a curse on baakabe who was accompanied by a friend also known as Kooma Rahman from Issah in Daffiamah-Issah-Busie District, the curse says “you shall never beat anyone again till you die”, Baakabe’s father tried to intervene all to no avail. The police along with soldiers visited Tanina on saturday.

By Upper West Media

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