The Taxi Drivers Association in Wa have called on the Municipal Assemblies to investigate the operations of motorised commercial tricycles popularly known as “Mahama Camboo” in the municipality which they described as illegal.

Alhaji Nuhu, Chairman of the Association spoke in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in the Wa, he described the influx and operations of these commercial tricycles unsafe, illegal and a threat to other commercial vehicles in the municipality.

“Most of these vehicles do not have the requisite vehicular documents and licensing to operate.

“As a taxi driver I pay tax to the government but none of these Camboos pay tax, giving them a competitive urge over other commercial vehicles in the municipality,” Mr. Nuhu said.

He also claimed most operators of Mahama Camboo are less than 18 and are not well trained to go into commercial vehicle business.

According to Mr. Nuhu, Camboo operations have fallen into the hands of children and hooligans who drive recklessly on the road and break road regulations whilst the police watch on unperturbed.

However, at the least offense by a trotro or taxi driver usually sparks confrontations the driver is either fined or the vehicle is ceased.

Notwithstanding the numerous complaints, it was observed that “Mahama Camboos” have found for themselves a parking space in the center of the town.

Chairman of the association pleaded with the government to come to their aid and provide an equal playing ground for all vehicles to operate peacefully.

“Last year, the association presented an official petition to the former Regional Minister, the Police and Driver and Licensing Authority clearly stating concerns about Camboo operations in the municipality.

“The minister promised to look into the matter after the December elections. He was not able to deliver on his promise since he is no longer in office,” he added.

He pleaded with the present administration to address their concerns.

Mr. Nuhu explained that their concerns about Camboo operations was not based on jealousy or resentment.

He acknowledged that the “Mahama Camboo” was a source of livelihood to people he considered family and friends in the municipality and stressed that the Association of taxi drivers demanded fair treatment and equal opportunity on the market.

In 2015 an attempt was made by the National Road Safety Commission (NRSC) and the police to arrest commercial tricycle operators in Tamale citing their violations to the law.

The regulation explains that motorcycles and tricycles should not be registered to carry a fare paying passenger but could only be used for courier or delivery services.


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