RadfordFM can testify there is currently an uneasy calm in Tumu between agitated town folks and the Police following the death of a young man who is suspected to have been shot resulting in his drowning.
Residents of SILAP hotel about 200 meters to the Police station have told RadfordFM they have heard gunshots with bullets flying.
A RadfordFM reporter from a hideout says the angry residents are almost clashing with the Police and accusing them of killing the deceased.
Stones are been throwned whilst the Police are returning fire.
The MCE, Karim Nanyua and other officials we hear are mediating Yesterday’s Evening Report. Breaking , Per Observations, some civilians are in a scuffle with some Police officers whom they allege shot at a gang of suspected weed smokers and left one drowned in the Tumu dam this afternoon.
ASP Abanga told the media he is moving to asses the situation .

By: Radford FM

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