Justin Kantavooro Yelevielbayire

A Biogas Engineer in the Wa Municipality of the Upper
West Region, Justin Kantavooro Yelevielbayire says he is
confident his recycling plastic waste project will make
Wa one of the cleanest regions in the country.

“Ghana spends so much money on recycling plastic waste. The major cause of flooding in Ghana is a result of plastic waste choking our gutters. When I was in university as an engineer, I wanted to make a change. I started to research into what the plastic waste could be used for and permanently get it out of the environmental system.

I built a reactor, it uses a process called pyrolysis to produce gasoline, diesel, kerosene and domestic gas for homes out of the plastics,” he revealed.

He added that his love for the environment urged him to study biogas engineering adding that it will enable him use his expertise to educate citizens on the dangers of plastic waste.
Ever since Yelevielbayire began his project, members of the community have been collecting plastic waste from the communities and towns to the reactor site.

“This plastic waste is then put into the reactor. The pyrolysis process takes place and fuel is produced. It does not take too long for this process to take place. The bigger the capacity of the reactor, the more plastic waste it can take,” Justin added.

This project, he explained, has been self-funded from day one until last year when the United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) heard of him and his project, noticing how good it is, and decided to help upgrade the reactor.
He further revealed that over 150 people have been employed in the plastic waste business in the municipality.
“Those who collect the plastic waste bring the waste to the project site. The waste is then weighed and the collectors are paid off. It is also improving the sanitation in the municipality,” Justin concluded.

Justin is one of the 10 finalists of the MTN Heroes of Change Season 5. He was nominated by Confidence Koblar Adediah who believes the innovation has the potential of addressing Ghana’s plastic waste problems.

By: Upperwestmedia.net

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