(Kobbi Heymann-Apedo) Are we still in Ghana? Christmas:
no hampers.
Eid: donations.
I am only asking oo.
Don’t misunderstand me oo.
We are all tax payers oo. Let there be fairness oo!
Let us all enjoy the largess oo!
Let the hampers come to some of
the churches during Christmas in
the form of donation oo.
Thank you in advance of the donation.
We shall be very very grateful
when the donations come. There
are some people in the churches
who can also make do with some
rice and stew on our festive day. Government! Are you listening? Like · 3 · Report · 4 hours Bernard Ayikpa They use their own money
Muslims are cheerful givers than
we Christians.
U can find out Like · Report · 1 hour ago Kobbi Heymann-Apedo Bro, are you saying Christians are
not cheerful givers? Even our one
one cedi does a lot of things oo. Like · 1 · Report · 1 hour ago Richy Royal Peprah Bernard Ayikpa i don’t know d
continent u re from but the level
with which christians give…chai u
can’t comprehend it… KOBBI HEYMANN

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