A man gets home early
from work and hears
strange noise coming from
his bedroom.
He rushes upstairs to find
his wife completely naked on the bed,sweating &
“whats up?” he asked.
“i’m having aheart attack”,
cries the woman.
He rushes downstairs to grab the phone 4
but just as he’s dialing, his
4yrs old son comes up &
says, “DADDY!,DADDY!,
Uncle Fred is hiding in your closet & he’s got no clothes
The man slams the phone
down & storms upstairs
into the bedroom, past his
screaming wife,& rips open the wardrobe door.
And Sure enough,there is
his brother, totally naked,
covering on the closet floor.
“You Bastard”,the man
says,”My wife is having a heart attack & u are running
around naked scaring the
What can U say about this Man?

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