Hon. Alban Babgin the second deputy speaker of parliament after having served his constituency for the past 25 years as a member of parliament has been addressing the media in Wa over the week end,a prelude to his 60th birthday has spoken on wide range of issues covering what he calls the failings of the 1992 constitution in respect of the media commission set-up and has therefore asked for a reorganization of the commission.Cond
itions of media practitioners needs enhancement whilst calling for a balanced media reportage in the country.David Luri of RadfordFM sat through the engagement and reports :
One of the challenges to Ghana’s development is that the media is not given its rightful place to operate with the full mandate as the fourth estate of the realm to throw light at the work of the other estates of the realm which are the arms of government Hon. Alban Sumani Kingsford Bagbin has said. He said one of the failings of the drafters of the 1992 constitution is the concept of the media commission, “the media commission is unlike the other commissions, even though they call it a commission, it is not given the structure of a commission where like the others that have commissioners and a strong administrative support” he expressed. Hon. Bagbin further states that the media commission is left with a number of very able Ghanaians with a chair and then an executive secretary and has not even good premises for it and no staff as at the time of establishment of the commission. He called for the liberation of the media since it will not be possible for the media to carry the big load in throwing light at the work of government at its weak state. Lots is lacking in the constitutional provisions and we need to re-construct the media commission Hon. Alban Bagbin urged and stressed that the media is not called the fourth estate of the realm for nothing despite the fact that there are three arms of government, there is the need of another strengthened arm that is the media to be throwing light at the work of government. There are a lot of things in Ghana, that Ghanaians don’t know because the media is not supported, is strengthened, is not resourced, is not given the political environment to operate and encouraged that in spite of the resistance, journalist must push forward and in case they err they should apologize and withdraw. He also argued that “Many people also think that the media is always after politicians, I disagree with that view”, “in any case, you opted to lead me, and so if you are leading me and I want to ask you questions about where you are leading me, why should that be a problem? That should not be a problem; the other thing is that people take blame where there is no blame. If a media person publishes that I have a big head, why should I be angry with the media person because that head I did not create it” Hon. Alban Sumani Bagbin made this during his encounter with Upper West Media on Saturday 23-Septemer, 2017 towards his sixtieth birthday celebration

Credit: Radford Fm

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