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Good evening Wa Central!

I still find it very hard to draw the line between a public figure or a politician and his/her private or personal life from his/her office and responsibilities and duties as a leader or to be.

As a person, your attitude and character is you and is considered in everything you do. If you apply for a job from an employer, your character will be checked and traced because the businessman cares and want the growth of his business and will want to ensure that he is not employing a social vice or misfit like;

A thief
A liar
A perpetual late commer
A drunkard
An arrogant who doesn’t respect
A dishonest person
Sometimes a womanizer or a prostitute etc.

In the event that one is found in most of these deviant behaviours, he or she is described to be social misfit, and stand a great chance of losing his chances.

Is this different from the office and life of a politician and his people? Does the attitude, character and conduct of those who seek to lead us not matter? Don’t we care about the kind of person he is or she is? Don’t we care about our office like the businessman cares about his business?

If we care like the businessman and the employer who care for his business and will want to ensure that he’s employing a moral upright person, a honest person, a candid person and a capable and credible person, THEN am confused as to what the private or personal life of a leader or the one seeking to lead will be from his/her office!

The fact is, none is perfect, but we have good people and bad people. And definitely, there are somethings that makes a good person good and a bad person bad. And NO one will want to employ a misfit.

Good and bad might be conditional, but their variances stays…

Am open for your ideas. Let’s together make society a better place! A leader represents his/her people, and the leader is not different from his/her attitude and character and that’s his/her personality (personal/private life). HELP ME FINE THE LINE between this two! OR is just a political language people use to get their way out?

By: A. Walid Jnr.

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