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Happenings in the NPP in the upper west region is so shameful and disgusting. Why, because the structures are not working and the grassroots are suffering the shocks.

The NPP party in the upper west region is supposed to be maintained and managed very well and controlled by the regional executive board, but what are we seeing? I have seen that, it’s the other way round where by the regional minister is now the regional executive board , what a shameful and embarassing situation we have found ourselves!

To begin with the purpose of this document, we have heard several issues and happening between the party folks, regional executives and the regional minister which I am going to break it down for my fellow patriots within the grassroot to understand before I decend to my own constituency.

For you to understand the kind of people that are doing the sabotage against Hajia Ummu and other party folks, you can do your underground research among party folks to assertain wether or not it’s true or false

This brouhaha has to do with national executive appointments, which I am so amazed by some of my party folks who and whom I was taking as my political mentors.

Why, this is because the very people that were attacking the regional chairman and the regional minister are the same people that sabotaged to the party in similar situations . But let me put in clearly here that, for some of you don’t know what it is to be appointed as a national officer.

Appointment is not all about individual effort, but the collective effort of all the group. Let me use this amencias theory to put or make it clear for you to understand why I said’’ but the collective effort of all the group’’, the Americans are operating with the theory of (101), which says that, identify the one(1) thing you agreed or like in a person and use the 100 or 100% of your effort to support that person and the returns will come back to you as a group. So, accusing the regional chairman and his team and the regional minister is uncalled for or a call in the wrong direction.

Permit me to bring in the issues of Hon. Botah with regards to the appointment of national executives. Hon. Botah was appointed base on his effort, there is a saying that , appointment is not for those who need it, but for those who prepared for it” clearly tells you how prepared and determined Botah was, at the time he was lobbing for his appointment.

Let’s not forget about the collective effort of the entire group, as at the time Hon. Botah had his appointment, the current regional chairman was still chairman right, the number of people that won the recent election in his champ are not the same, so this clearly explain my point I made earlier on . Even through at the time of Hon. Botah, there was this same sabotage and stuff.

Now, dealving into the current happenings since national appointment is concerned. Let me bring the issue or the disappointment of Hon. Hajia umo into the scene. We all know Hajia Umo as the mother for the grass roots. As mother for all, as mother for the needy but brilliant students as voice of the voiceless, as a developmental oriented person and a female oriented.

But what happens to this innocent woman in the region when God was about to bless her to replace Hon. Botah as the next national women organizer of our great elephant party? Hon. Hajia Ummu was being bastard by her own people. Hon Hajia was called a traitor by her own upper westerners , Hon. Hajia Umo we all know was called a selfish and a parochial interested person, above all, somebody who wants to outshine men within the region.

The question I always ask my self is, what do we gain by destroying others? There is a saying that, when someone is making progress in life, and you want to pull that person back or down, and you put a rope on that person’s waist and you are pulling, the farther you yourself goes back.

Now we are here in Upper West sharing crocodiles tears that we don’t have a single person from Upper West who is in NEC. God punish all traitors in NPP.

I wish to end here with an admonition that if these issues are not resolved and our attitude changed, we are going to have zero seats in the Upper West Region come 2024.

From the look at things, the Nadowli-Kaleo constituenty seems to be normal, but all is not well and party folks fear to criticize so they always keep quite and watch.

For me, as a senior youth activist and a polling station executives of the ruling party, NPP, I am going to voice out for resolution.

The party’s constitution has not spelt it out anywhere that, when there is promotion of leadership within an electoral area there should be an imposement of leadership in that electoral area.But that is what is happening in the NPP Nadowli-Kaleo Constituency and leadership has seen it to be normal with reasons best known to them.

Again, there have been secret meetings between the constituency executives and some individuals concerning the election of parliamentary candidate. I want to put it clearly to them that, we the grass root are aware of all those meetings and waiting for that day to come.

Because you have the power to pass through some illegal ways and means to elect your favourites, you should be able to do same to seeing your favourite candidate go to parliament.

There is a saying that, when two elephants are fighting, the ground suffers the pain, so the grassroots of our beloved party is awaked, they have used us for a very long time with no returns, so it’s now time for us to tell them, that we know what they are taking us for, we know what they are using us to gain.

We belong to the ruling party, we are almost done with the 8 years what have you achieved, what have you gain us a grass root foot soldiers who canvass votes for your party to come into power? It is time for us to let our leaders know the pain and critics we are going through, they should stop that selfish self centeredness and selectivity in the constituency. This is because nobody owns the party, the party belongs to us all.

Thank you.


Senior youth activist and Member, NPP NADOWLI- kaleo constituency

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