A nursing student at the Wa Health Assistant Training School (HATS) has been caught with a pregnant stolen goat at Sagu, a farming village within the Wa Municipality.

The student for strange reasons pleaded with those who busted him to forgive him and promised never to sin again admitting he indeed stole the animal belonging to a resident.

Strangely enough, those who arrested him heeded to his plea since according to him any attempt to leak the information will eventually lead to his expulsion from the school which the alleged “student thief” claimed would cause him so much hardship both at the school and home levels.

After been paraded him across the community of Sagu the village where the theft took place, he was subsequently handed over to some unknown people who took him to the “Wa Magazine” where all kinds of artisans are found and finally set free him after the goat had been taken from him .

When newsmen got wind of what was happening the people who arrested him refused to cooperate by not releasing his real identity apparently heeding to an earlier plea that any information released to the media or the school authorities would cause him the hardship of being expelled from the school.

But technology had the better part of the information as he was caught on camera earlier with the stolen goat.

Mynewsgh.com tried to establish his real identity but all attempts to do so proved futile as people around would not talk or speak to the issue.

Source: mynewsgh.com

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