Two EC officers in Wa(Captured) chased Voters Away, Video Below

The Wa Electoral Commission has become a tensed ground after some officers attempted to chase voters away.

Upperwestmedia Team visited the commission as at 8:40 am and only two workers were present.

These workers could not commence the day’s activities as they suggested their secretary was not present.

Three officers came inn later to address the crowd which was left waiting for more than 2hours.

Upperwestmedia interviewed some voters who admitted they were left waiting as they were told there is no network.

Few Minutes later an officer came out asking all voters transferring to Wa to stay whilst he directed those transferring to other sections to go to the district they wish to transfer to. This didn’t go down well with a women who suggested she is moving her vote to Kumasi, she was told she must travel to Kumasi to be able to transfer her vote to that electoral area.

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Another young man who came to transfer his vote from Wa to Takpo was asked to go to Takpo in order to have it done.

The young man interrupted the officer talling him there is no EC office in Takpo and that per the EC’s Statements one can transfer his vote at any office in Ghana, the EC officer in a video equally interrupted stating that The statement of the EC is not what they are working with adding that he won’t transfer the vote for the said complainant. This let to a wild misunderstanding at the office.

The electoral commission has started its transfer of votes which begun 25th October 2019 and will end on 4th November 2019.

The electoral commission in their statement admitted on can transfer his vote at any office in the Country.


The full statement from the EC is published below.
The Electoral Commissioner wishes to announce for the information of the general public that:
a. Applications for the transfer of votes and proxy voting will be received at all District Offices throughout the country from Friday, 25th October to Monday, 4th November, 2019
b. Between 25th Oct and 4th Nov, 2019 All security personnel who previously registered in the Districts where they reside should contact the District Offices in their respective districts for a transfer of their votes to enable them vote in the special voting exercise scheduled for the 10th of December ahead of the 2019 referendum.

c. The general public is hereby informed that the period for application for transfer of votes, special voting and proxy is between 25th Oct and 4th Nov, 2019
d. The public is hereby informed that voters who transferred their votes to enable them vote in the 2018 referenda will be required to go through the process of transferring their votes again as the 2018 transfer were temporal.
e. Take note and act accordingly.


Mrs. Jean Mensah



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