Drivers of Indian Made tricycles popularly known as “Mahama Camboo” in Wa have bemoaned the recent decline in their business in the last two months blaming it on the activities of criminals and hikes in fuel prices.

The Station Secretary of the Mahama Camboos at the Wa Central Market revealed that some hooligans in the municipality had been using motorized commercial tricycles to rob passengers and rape women.

This he said had caused fear and insecurity among residents in the Municipality leading to reduced patronage of the Mahama Camboo.

“I witnessed an attack a few nights ago around Bamahu close to the University for Development Studies (UDS), I was driving by with my Camboo when I noticed another Camboo driver by with two young men operating it, I sensed foul play because no Camboo carries two drivers.

“A lady from the University joined the Camboo and I immediately followed, I observed struggling from afar and immediately tried to catch up with them, unfortunately they ceased the lady’s handbag and drove off. This has been the trend of thieves and rapists and we have received reports about similar cases,” he noted.

He also added that some strategies had been put in place by the Camboo Drivers Association of Wa to check activities of the criminals.

The association’s measures include; issuance of special sticker numbers to be placed on Camboos who had registered with the Association in order to trace criminal operations in the region.

Mr Inusah urged passengers and the public to be cautious and look out for those numbers in order to safeguard themselves from falling prey to these criminals.

Andy Baaba, a Senior High School leaver who has been in the Camboo business for about three months also told the Ghana News Agency that it was a lucrative business and was in love with his job and wouldn’t trade it for any other commercial vehicle.

“I start work at dawn, I move to the owner’s place to pick the Camboo up and proceed to work. My employer gives me a quota of GHS 50.00 to achieve a day after which whatever is left is mine.

He said it challenges him to work harder and save some money to further his education.

“However I will admit that recently increases in fuel prices by the government and the activities of criminals in the municipality have scared most clients from patronising at night and at dawn” Baaba explained.

He lamented the recent increases in fuel prices which he said had immensely affected the business.

“At first I would buy about GHS45.00 for the day’s rounds, make my employers sales and still get a chunk of money left for myself. It has not been the case lately since I require more input which means less profit” he added.

Abigail Frimpong, a second year student of the Wa Polytechnic also spoke to the Ghana News Agency expressed her fears with Camboo patronage.

She said she loved the comfortable nature of the vehicle but would not advise anyone to join it at night.


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