The Tumu public cemetery was filled with different kinds of people ostensibly to bid farewell to the chief imam of Tumu Alhaj Sualisu Ahmed who passed to eternity.He was about 70 years old .He died whilst he was being rushed to the hospital today after a protracted illness that kept him away from the public space. His role as the chief imam for the past few years was performed by the Nayimi of Tumu due to ill health.He was made the chief imam since 1994 and led a united ummah of peace among Muslims and non-Muslims alike in Tumu during his 23 years leadership.
He was a devout Muslim who stayed and learnt arabic in Challu in the Sissala East District where his parents had stayed. He is said to have taught many who have become Arabic scholars and also imparting knowledge to others.As a farmer, his hallmark according Awal who learnt under him was his payment of zakat as prescribed by Islam.He is survived by three wives and twelve children.The family is meeting on the date for final adua.Justice Abu Dintie of Radford FM who visited the family reports that final funeral rites will be held on 2nd July,2017.

Credit: Balu Mohammed/Radford Fm/Tumu

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