Authorities of the Tumu district hospital has revealed that the hospitals x-ray machine will by the close of June 2017 be put to use after it broke down some two years back.

The hospitals administrator Mr. Anthony Sumah whiles briefing the assembly about the state of the hospital yesterday disclosed they have paid for repair of the machine on 23 June, 2017 and are hoping to see it function despite the lack of x-ray technician.

He also state that the hospital after several attempts to get a technician never worked until a decision was taken to send one staff of the hospital to be trained somewhere and to come back and manage the x-ray unit and the equipment. The administrator added that the delay in the payment of health insurance was affecting negatively the running of the facility as they have to resort to ‘costly alternatives’ to avoid the facility from closing down.

They have therefore appealed to the residents to bear with them in these challenging times however, some assembly members and the health insurance authority in the Sissala East stated the two sister institutions were yet to come to any agreement on how much patients admitted to the facility should pay. The hospital had earlier proposed some payments be charged on patients in order to replace basic essentials used during visits arguing it might be difficult to ask a patient on admission to go out and buy basic essentials. They appealed to the health insurance authority to pay the hospital.

By David Luri @Radford

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