Days after fuel hikes engineered lorry fares to go up by 10%, some residents of Tumu as reported by Balu Mohammed have resisted attempts by vehicle owners to siphon their monies.
Some passengers at the Wa station in Tumu are asking why the authorities want them to pay GH22.00 to Wa instead of GH20.00 after the 10% increment in fares early in the week.
Passengers needed to pay GH18.00 to go to Wa but since the increment it has gone to GH22.00.

RadfordFM went to speak to officials of the GPRTU in Tumu.

The municipal assembly has written to GPRTU to review the fares immediately according to RadfordFM David Luri who visited the Tumu Wa station to chat the officials over the impasse,Meanwhile passengers according to David are being ask to pay Twenty One Ghana Cedis instead,lets see how it turns out when RadfordFM speaks with the regional authorities of GPRTU in Wa.

By: Balu Mohammed

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