Residents of Tumu in the Sissala East Municipal capital this Monday morning on the Masie Breakfast show expressed their satisfaction with the action of the youth within Tumu in helping to clamp down on miscreants who have taken the law into their own hands.
Callers onto the local radio station have praised and described the action as heroic and welcoming in view of the fear and panic put on residents by these groups. Breaking into people homes and stores and forcefully picking items from their victims was the order of the Day.

On Sunday some agitated and aggrieved youth embarked on man hunt with the backing of the overlord of the Tumu traditional area Banyina Lurimua Kanton and the Police in search of persons they believed were causing mayhem to residents leading to the arrest of Twelve persons now with the Police with many others on a lock-down.
The Police in Tumu have in their custody twelve persons suspected to have been involved in staging several robbery attacks in the Tumu Municipality and now awaiting what the Police say is a profiling of them to extract evidence. The arrest which is a joint collaboration between the Police and the overlord of Tumu and the patriotic youth in Tumu started in the early hours of Saturday after the Town experienced numerous acts of forcefully entering stores of business persons in the municipal capital and other communities.
The action of the youth in arresting these unlawful citizens brought joy and happiness to people who have fallen victims of these notorious criminals.

Confirming the arrest to Radford news, Assistant Superintendent of Police Stephen Abanga who is the police commander of the Sissala East Municipal Police division mentioned that the police department is happy with the support and the collaboration between the youth and the Police leading to the arrest of the twelve persons they suspect to have been involve in causing mayhem, this he said is the type of collaboration the Police needs from the community. He added that the police alone would not be able to combat crime without the support and assistance from the community most especially the youth, he noted that the sissala East municipality has a ratio of one Police officer to One thousand three hundred and thirty seven civilians which is far above the requirements of one to five hundred.

He opined that the Police alone do not have the numbers to match every person in the municipality hence residence needs to help in giving out information that would help in arresting the criminals.

ASP Abanga pleaded with residents to divulge information to the Police that would help in locating them but for the rest of the items that have been stolen and retrieved, it will serve as evidence.

By: Radford FM/Tumu

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