50001630Out of the 1,123 subscribers to the Tumu Community Water System, only 306 subscribers were metered leaving a chunk of more than 800 residents unmetered saying this was affecting efficient revenue mobilisation. Mr Kanton, who made these known in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Tumu, said the growing population in the Tumu Township had overstretched the water system that was meant for a population of about 2000 inhabitants. He pleaded with water users to bear with them especially during this dry season as the water table has fallen far lower than expected. Mr Kanton said the Board was finding it difficult to breakeven and meet other operational costs as many users have found ways to avoid paying for the water through illegal connections. He said the Board has initiated several measures including pipe audits, double checking tariffs and site visits to help address the shortfalls. Mr Kanton called on water users to pay their tariffs regularly and on time for the Board to settle their partners, VRA.

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