Two vibrant young girls who identified themselves as Waala girls have posted a viral video on social handles explaining how good they are in bed.

The two girls referred to themselves as Muna and Umusalma respectively. They spoke in the local dielect Waali commonly spoken by the people of Wa in the Upper West Region.

Explaining in the video, one of the girls by name Umusalma stated that they are in Accra having sex and fun adding that anyone with the video should circulate it around on other social media handles including WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook in order for them to be famous.

The video met several reactions on social media.


One thought on “Two Waala Girls Cause Stare on Social Media with their profane Statements[Video]”
  1. They should stop spoiling our reputation. I don’t think these girls are waala girls though they can speak our language.

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