Mr. Tahiru Lukman is a Youth Activist

The Chief Executive Officer of Ideapath Consult has urged students to focus on their academic curriculums as well as acquiring other skills if only they dream of becoming more successful in their lives and to positively impact in the society.

He made this daring call during his resourceful presentation in the career guidance seminar of NUGS, SDD- UBIDS Chapter.

Mr. Tahiru Lukman who spoke on Entrepreneurship charged students to appreciate the importance of social networking which could be a passport to their breakthrough in life.

He emphasized that education is key and obtaining a university degree is not a guarantee that one will be more successful in life.
He expressed the view that, the world billionaires and the rich men in Ghana holds no PHDs and other academic honours and yet they are more successful in their business and their endeavours.

He cautioned students not to think only about passing exams and getting a certificate but rather develop their conscious minds (human capital) to become critical thinkers and generational leaders as the gateway to leading an impactful life.

Other speakers at the events including Dr. Theophilous Nosse spoke on scholarship and provided details explanations as to how and where students could secure a scholarship scheme.

Mr. Nicodemus Dery on his part spoke on the importance of personal development. He challenged every student to do retrospection to understand their God-given talents and work towards leveraging their unique skills.

The one-day seminar also provided students the opportunity to ask questions for an in-depth elucidation.
In attendance was a renowned emerging poet Pobee who perform to the amazement of the crowd.

The SRC President of SDD-UBIDS Miss Khadija charged students to embrace this platform as an opportunity to acquire desirable skills for themselves.

The SDD-UBIDS local chapter NUGS president Mr. Christien Majeed Kwesi Kumah indicated he sought the high office to help influence students’ carrier development and having such an occasion is part of fulfilling his agenda for students in terms of capacity development and mentorship.

He was thankful to the distinguished resource persons for their commitment to the course of students.

Tahiru Lukman
Youth Activist, Dev’t Consultant and Pan- African Author
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