Farms in Sissala Land

The Voice of the Rural Farmer in Ghana

Farming Season is here once again with us.
How prepared are we?
Among all discussions be it in sitting bases, groups, or meetings the hike in prices of farm inputs dominates especially in farming communities or areas.

Is it the usual blame game on the Ukraine – Russia fight?
Is it the most sophisticated thievery tool called E-levy?
Let me not exclude the exponential price increment in fuel.
The most conclusive statement from each farmer is “I will reduce the number of acreages I used to farm”
What then is the ramifications to the consumers of farm produce?
I weep for my poultry farmers.
We definitely going through slow agony each passing day in Ghana.
A country with plenty PhD holders and professors yet can barely practically solve its problems.
Why the silence of outgrowers?
Or they are holding a meeting in Ukraine or Russia?
Food production is gravely threatened by all indications and hence urgent measures are needed by competent persons and institutions.

You can call my cry a bluff but hey. Dooms day await us all.
Almighty climate change is sitting on a pikop three branch and staring at us.

By: Ayamga Bawa Fatawu
Photojournalist /Environmentalist


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