Sissala West District in Upper West Region


Good Day family, The value of the Shea tree is incontestable in our part of this country and any attack on it must be resisted, who really accounts for this?

The commercialization of charcoal burning, the commercialization of maize production, greed, disproportionate rise in LPG prices and the lack of LPG plants in the Rural Areas, and immediate gratifications are among the many factors accounting for the vicious attack on the Shea tree in the savanna ecological zone.

The Sissala Youth Forum and many other relevant stakeholders such as Sissala Union, ASUDEV, SILDEP, SAVE-GHANA, GONJA YOUTH ASSOCIATION, JAKESALLY ETC have been in the fight against the unlawful and destructive harvest of the Shea tree and other tree species for years now.

Shea Trees in Upper West

One would asked, after all these interventions by the Sissala Youth Forum and the others, what has changed? And why are we still where we are?. I believe if not all and many will strongly appreciate the work of the Sissala Youth Forum in the fight against Rosewood, Neglect Road Network in the Sissala Enclave, the fight against Shea tree and Paupa tree, the persistent forms of unfortunate discriminatory practices in the Upper West Region against the Sissala Enclave, the Questioning and Reawakening of Duty bearers in the formal and informal sectors among others. By this certainly, a lot has changed and a lot still needs to be done.

Shea Tree Burnt Down

Education is important but positive collaboration and the sharing of relevant expertise and the eliminating of greed among ourselves is very important in bringing the needed positive change and development to the Sissala Enclave.

Our traditional authority, the decentralized institutions and agencies, collaborative pressure and development oriented groups such as the Sissala Union, the Sissala Youth Forum, some CSOs among others must work together and the needed bye-laws enacted with stiffer punitive measures.

Moreover, Cross board collaborations is also needed particularly Burkina Faso security agencies. This is because the Sissala Youth Forum on a number occasions in this struggle have had some challenges with the cross board security players who has diverse interest too.

Knowledge is not a repository one person and that is the more reason why we must collaboration on issues in the Sissala Enclave and strategic partnership with meaningful others with a strategic purpose to develop the Sissala Enclave and its dwellers.

And together, we build and transform for the good of humanity and of God.

Thank you for your audience.

Mr. Yusif Napuna Alidu
(National President, Sissala Youth Forum)

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