Patients on admission at the Duong bone setting centre in the Nadowli Kaleo District of the Upper West Region are treated under very poor conditions.
The rooms at the facility are congested while other spaces are falling apart. Traditional healers at the facility have complained that the situation is hampering their operations.

Bone Setting

The Duong bone setting centre is a generational traditional healing centre, specialized in the free treatment of simple and complex fractures.
Like other traditional bone setting centres in the Upper West Region, the facility is the first port of call as well as the last resort to hundreds of fracture victims especially from rural areas within and outside the region.
Known for its efficacy in setting bones, the centre receives an average of 1000 patients every year.
Available records indicate that the facility has a recovery rate of 98 percent; making it a preferred bone setting centres in the Upper West Region.
In spite of this, the Duong bone setting centre does not have adequate infrastructure with the roof of the only toilet facility ripped off by a rainstorm.
Patients are bathed in the open because of the lack of bathroom facilities, while caretakers cook and sleep in the open.

A facility was built by Dutch NGO in 2014 in response to the accommodation challenges confronting the Duong bone setting centre.
The facility has three wards for in-patients, one outpatient’s department and other ancillary facilities to comfort patients who will be seeking treatment here upon completion.

Edward Kanpki, the assemblyman for the Duong electoral area explained that the community was supposed to contribute 30 percent to the project with the NGO contributing the remaining 70 percent.
“Due to the poverty levels of the people in the area, we have not been able to contribute ours so we are therefore appealing for people to come and support so the place will be completed and put to use.”

By: Citi Fm

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