Medical Director of Upper West Regional Hospital, Dr. Gandaa

Dear Good Friends of Dr. Gandau, sorry for the sketch communication in the last few months, as I said in my last submission, I’m working on your suggestions and recommendations to improve quality of health care services in the Regional Hospital and the region in general.

I’m grateful for the support many of you have given me behind the scenes and the contacts many have given to get things done. Glad to inform you all that any moment soon, government will take the new site from the contractor for commissioning and usage.
We are in the process of selecting and recruiting staff for TRAINING for the new hospital. These will come from the old hospital, some district hospitals and most probably from other parts of the country. Your support once again is needed and I will encourage all to get involved, especially those in the corridors of power, should assist, I know you’re already taking steps to get committed healthcare professionals to be recruited (BRAVO). I will soon be back with some areas for discussion including education on use of a regional hospital, services and how to access these services, visiting ours, presence and loitering around of relatives and the general public all the time.

Permit me all of you to on your behalf and on my own behalf, use this Platform to wish all Muslims a peaceful and fulfilling fasting period and that we come out of it more committed to peace, emulating the Chief Imam’s humility and peace-loving nature that turned an eminent civil religious war into an interdenominational religious celebration and Merry making.

Good morning once again and have fruitful new week.

By: Muniru Ibrahim/ Radio Progress

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