Upper West Regional NPP Chairman, S.B Kangberee

The Upper West Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic,  Mr. Saanbaye Basilde Kangberee is set to go for re-election after the constituency elections are over.

The Current Chairman was elected in April 2018 and secured 134 Votes,  He was in the Race with Dr. Hafiz Bin Salih,  the Current Upper West Regional Minister,  Mr. Ishaq Dapilah,  Alhaji Mohammed Toyiba, and Mr. Dudu Philip.

The Party through Alhaji Abubakari Rahaman(Alhaji Short) in 2018 handed Over 5 Seats to S.B Kangberee,  the seats the party won in 2016 include,  Wa East,  Sissala East,  Sissala West,  Nandom and Lawra.
Three seats were lost in his tenure in 2020 and one was replaced,  The Seat of Sissala East was Retained with a Different Parliamentary Candidate,   The Former MP,  Mr. Ridwan Abass Lost to Mr. Amidu Chinnia After the Parliamentary Primaries.
The Seat to Lawra Was Lost to the NDC, Nandom was retained,  the Seat of Wa East Was lost to the National Democratic Congress,  the Seat of Sissala West Was taken over by The NDC As well.

The New Patriotic Won the Seat of Lambussie with Dr. Bright Yelvjeldong Baligi during the 2020 elections,  before that,  the seat was occupied by the National Democratic Congress.

The Chairman will be Maintaining some of his team members.

Some team members he used in 2018 included:
Madam Diana Puopelle as Women’s Organizer
Mr. Cletus Aapegnuo as Second Vice
Alhaji White as 1st Vice Aspirant
Mr. Luri Tia John Bosco as Youth Organizer
Mr. Alitu Isaac as Aspirant for Position of Secretary
Vice Secretary Aspirant was Lawyer Superatus Ongoh

The Chairman Also issued some Appointments into some Regional Positions.

1. Ali Bukari – Regional Communications Director
2.Polycap Nee-eere – Deputy Youth Organizer
3. Chikay Zakaria – Deputy Organizer
4. Martin D. Gyatuo – Finance Secretary
5.Alhaji Ali Mohammed – Deputy Nasara Coordinator
6. Mohammed Ali Gado – Research and Elections
7.Madam Sala Siedu – Deputy Women’s Organizer

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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