Chiefs in the Upper West Region are fuming over a supposed decision by authorities of the University for Development Studies (UDS), to realign some programmes currently pursued at the Wa campus of the University, to other campuses in the Northern and Upper East Regions.

Mr. Tuorimuo

Mr. Tuorimuo has tagged the lackadaisical approach with which the issue is being responded to by people in top positions as the cause, he tagged division as the reason behind the neglect of this critical issue, ” do we have leaders at all? What are they doing about this? It suddens me to see leaders without a sense of direction when it comes to an academic issue of this sort, Tumu Kuoro has earned my respect for putting in steps to address the issue, that isn’t good enough, our brothers in Wa have suggested to demonstrate against the issue and its a good and bold step.” Tuorimuo said.

demonstratorSection 3 of PNDC Law 279 (1992) on functions of the University states that the University for Development Studies (UDS), shall pursue as its aims under section 2, studies in Agricultural Science, Medical and Health Sciences and Integrated Development Studies.”
The aspects of Integrated Development Studies have been ceded to the Wa campus of the University.
However, the statement contained that “the faculty of Social Sciences, the faculty of Arts (proposed under a collegiate system by the Wa cumpus), as well as all proposed and existing programmes of the department of African and General Studies, Wa campus are now proposed for the Tamale campus” while “the department of Environment and Resource Studies at the Wa campus is placed under the faculty of Earth and Environmental Science at the Navrongo campus in the Upper East Region”

Tuorimuo is an entrepreneur and researcher into social issues.


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