A group of concerned Upper west youth calling themselves ‘Save Wa UDS Group’ have set aside Saturday 3rd November for a Demonstration against movement of courses from Wa UDS to Navrongo and Tamale Campuses.
According to the group, a graduation ceremony proposed for Wa Campus on 10th November 2018 has been relocated to Tamale campus, to add more to the point they further indicated that programs in Wa campus have been duplicated in other campuses engineering the academic board to propose a campus for Applicants seeking admission. They added that since the School of Distance Education was established, no Center was situated in Upper West yet 2 were Situated in Upper East(Navrongo and Bawku), Two for Northern Region (Tamale and Sawla) yet none is Situated in Upper West.
The University for Development Studies in 2014 Transferred the Education faculty in Wa To Tamale after a proposal was written to Make Wa UDS Autonomous.
The Demonstration is set for Saturday 3rd November 2018 at the Valley Ball Court beginning 7:00am.
Local media houses to air it live include
Radio Progress
Radio Waa
Mak FM
Sungmaali FM

By: Upperwestmedia.net

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