Lately, the Faculty of Arts, Social Sciences, Earth and Environmental Sciences and M.A Leadership and Development Programs have been Relocated to Tamale and Navrongo Respectively.
According to information available, the movement took effect 2018/2019 Academic year.
Some factors listed as part of reasons the courses were relocated was that, Students were faced with security challenges in the Region with marginal number of students being attacked on daily basis in town and in their houses for their properties including motorbikes, Laptops and money.
Other factors stated were that Room rent was inflated in areas like Bamahu with lack of Resources and facilities like Water and Toilets.
Some Students of the School after hearing the news expressed joy, listing robbery as one of the factors hindering their peaceful stay in Upper West.


One thought on “UDS Students Express Joy Over Transfer to Tamale

  1. In fact, the leadership of the region should try and follow up and confirm these issues and if it is really true then the leadership must do something about it. This is because it is the only higher institution we have in the region.

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