Being a distance student in the University is an adventure, a dependable and well organized way of allocating time for workers to undertake education at home or away from campus.

The mode of admission is no different from the campus methodology but one problem with this system is the compelling option to buy a mobile phone at an inflated price unwarranted(above Ghc700.00), this is Distance eduction with tutors we interact with physically. It isn’t E-learning where student have to access audiovisuals online in order to write exams or study.
What is e-learning? A mode of eduction through an online process.
If this definition has nothing to do with our mode of study then why the compulsory phones?
Do we take into account how these students suffer to come by the fees they pay? Some, due to this reason pay half of the fees because of an ‘unnecessary’ mobile phone of low quality with a high price.

Properties of the phone.
It has a 2mp camera which means images taken by this phone will be with a dimension of 640*480 pixels, below the standardized requirement of 1280*720 pixels.
The worse is of it all is an SD card estimated at 16,000MB thus 16GB was included but couldn’t receive files to a total of 2GB. The message it presents is “invalid ms dos operation” .
Furthermore, these phones can’t be maintained in the market, you simply have to dispose them of if a problem occurs.
The highest time duration of it under constant use is 6months except you use it for special occasions.
Students have expressed distataste with the phones and opted to sell them instead.
Some students in NJA College of Edu. as the Upper West Center have complained that the phone freezes, can’t take clear images and also is 3G which does not meet modern Ethernet standards.

Students in the school are of the view that the institution is using this as a method to extort money from the vulnerable student body.


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