Nabco 1year Anniversary

The Upper West Coordinator of the Nations Builders Corps (NABCo), Umar Nuhu has revealed that two personnel of the programme have been dismissed for forgery and impersonation.

He said the duo falsified the signature and official stamp of one of the Module Implementation Partners (MIPS) to facilitate the payment of their monthly stipends.

”There are still several of such miscreants parading as trainees who, if found, they will be flushed out without the slightest hesitation, ”he warned.

Mr. Umar Nuhu made the revelation at the one year anniversary of the introduction of the programme at a durbar in Wa.

Hundred thousand unemployed graduates signed unto seven modules were they could be trained. Close to three thousand personnel were posted to the upper west region. Today mark exactly a year since government introduced the programme.

He reiterated that the core values of NABCo are knowledge, punctuality and integrity and expressed dissatisfaction at the infringement of those core values.

Another issue which worries the NABCo coordinator is the labelling of some of the trainees as ‘NABCo’ in some agencies they are posted to.

”If a trainee is called Joseph, that is it, he is not NABCo Joseph. It is segregating and demoralising. Let us give all trainees cause to be happy and feel a sense of belonging at our various workplaces”

Mr. Umar, however, stated that despite the challenges encountered, the output of the trainees is good for the optics.

He added, “I see hope in the horizon because the multitudes of young people who offered themselves to do voluntary work after national service have significantly dwindled with the advent of NABCo.”

He further noted that most of the module implementing partners have given positive remarks about the vast majority of the trainees.

He said they have also given them indications that if the opportunity for recruitment avails itself, the trainees will be given priority.

A member of the council of state, Ambassador Mogtar Shahanun urged the personnel to take their training seriously to enable them to achieve their lifelong goals.

By: Joy News

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