Mr. Yeleveilbayire Justin Kantavooro converts Waste to Fuel

An Engineer from the Upper West Region by name Justin Kantavuuro Yelvielbayire has pointed out that the Upper West Region can be independent when it comes to Industrialization in the 21st century.

In an Interview with Upperwestmedia team, he suggested that there are several areas the regional human resources can research into and invest inn to be able to reap returns, he added that even the central government will come to the Upper West Region to learn from Us if that happens.

“…All Regions are depending on Central government, we can turn our region to have our own independence, when I say independence not that we are not under Ghana or under head of government but we can be creative to the extend that the government will even come and learn from us, people will even travel from other parts of the world to Ghana…”

Mr. Justin is a Petrochemical Engineer who produces Fuel from Plastic Waste, he also produces fertilizer.



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